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Does your Body Language Inspire Trust?

Interview SkillsEstablishing trust is a key part of forging effective business relationships. Whether dealing with a client, colleague or competitor, no one wants to maintain a professional relationship with someone they feel is not trustworthy. As we discussed last week, body language can play a significant part in whether or not you are perceived as someone who is open and honest. Take a look at the tips below to see if your body language is sending the right message:

  1. Most people believe that when someone is avoiding eye contact, they have something to hide. However, overly intense eye contact can also be problematic, signaling that you’re uncomfortable and consciously putting effort into hiding something. Try to maintain natural eye contact by meeting your partner’s gaze for roughly five seconds at a time, and then momentarily shifting your gaze.
  2. Smile! We are hardwired to respond to facial expressions in others, and a warm, open smile is one of the most effective ways of establishing trust. However, in order for a smile to be affective, it must appear genuine. We are all exposed to hundreds of people every day who simply go through the motions of smiling. To make an impression, a smile should be open-lipped and include direct eye contact. There are other, more subtle details that can separate a genuine smile from a forced one, so the best way to ensure a smile looks genuine is for it to be genuine; let go, relax, and try to be open and pleasant in your interactions.

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