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Archive of month: October 2014

Are You Pronouncing the Past Tense Correctly?

The key to mastering the American English accent often lies in the details. One pronunciation detail that is often tricky for non-native English speakers is how to pronounce the past-test -ed ending. Want to master this sound? Take a look at our pronunciation guide below!

Three Easy Tips for Projecting Confidence!

In today’s increasingly competitive workplace, it’s not only crucial to be good at what you do. Projecting a strong, capable, professional image is necessary to gain the respect of others and advance in the professional world. One of the key ingredients in this image is confidence. If you don’t appear to be confident in yourself, […]

Dramatic Results

I honestly can say that my speech has improved dramatically. Not only has my speech rate slowed down but I have also decreased the use of fillers. I am also a lot more confident. Alina is absolutely amazing. She has provided me with some interesting tips and tools that can be applied on a daily basis. She’s just so […]

Learn the High-Front Vowel Sounds of American English!

When trying to master the American English accent, the devil is in the details. One of the most difficult things to master is vowels which are similar to one another, but have slight variations that differentiate them. These are especially tricky, because sometimes this small difference can change a word’s meaning entirely, so sloppy pronunciation […]

Do You Sound Your Age?

Everywhere you look there are products designed to make you look as young as possible, from wrinkle creams to hair dye to plastic surgery. But increasingly, people are taking an interesting in sounding young as well. A recent article in AARP discussed how many aging adults are seeking assistance in retaining the strong, commanding, dynamic […]

Two Easy Tips to Excel on the Telephone

Developing strong communication skills is critical to success in today’s increasingly competitive professional environment. However, the strategies you use to improve your communication can vary depending on the situation. One situation that can be particularly tricky is phone conversations. As listeners, we rely on non-verbal cues from our conversation partners constantly, even if we don’t […]