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Improve your business communication skills and learn to leave a lasting impression

Make communication your strongest business tool!How good are you at making a first impression? People formulate their first impression of a person almost immediately after meeting them. This image can be hard to shake once its established. In the professional world, success often relies on establishing strong relationships; if a person connects with you on a personal level, they’re more likely to maintain a strong professional connection as well.

One of the first things you do when meeting a new person is exchange names. Telling a person your name may seem extremely simple; however many people rush through introductions, confusing the process. A couple of well-timed pauses can make all the differences in making sure your contact understands and remembers your name.

When you introduce yourself, establish eye contact first. Making sure that the other person is focused and listening will go a long way toward them remembering your name. Then, as you introduce yourself, introduce two pauses into your speech: “My name is [pause] Jayne [pause] Latz.” Then pause again, before moving on to anything else. The first pause after “My name is” can be short, just a quick beat. But this brief silence gives the other person a moment to prepare to receive the information. The second pause, between your first and last name, helps the person to understand what your name is. Even though your name may seem simple to you, to others, especially those who may not be native English speakers, determining where your first name ends and your last name begins can be challenging. This is especially true for names that have several syllables. Even for native English speakers, these pauses can be extremely helpful in helping a person remember your name. Most professionals are overworked and distracted and may not remember information given in passing. By taking your time and pausing, you help increase the chances that your colleague or client will remember your name in the future.

Want to hear more? Take a look at the video below to hear Corporate Speech Solutions President and Founder Jayne Latz talk about how to make a strong first impression:


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