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Archive of month: February 2015

3 Communication Tips to Help You Land the Job

Being able to interview well is an essential part of advancing professionally. No matter how strong your qualifications, if you aren’t able to get past the interview, you may never have the opportunity to show off your skills. Acing an interview involves a lot more than simply letting your interviewer know that you have the […]

3 Steps to Warm-up Your Voice for Maximum Power!

Projecting your voice in a strong, clear manner doesn’t just make your speech easier to understand; it also gives your listener the impression that you are confident in your message and that you are a natural leader. Warming up properly before speaking can go a long way towards developing a strong, dynamic voice. Take a […]

3 Ways You Can Use Volume to Increase Your Communicative Power!

Have you ever been in a conversation or at a presentation where you had difficulty understanding the speaker because they didn’t project their voice loudly enough? Not only does speaking too quietly make it difficult for your listener to understand you, but it also can affect how others perceive you. Speaking at a consistently low […]

Articulate Your Way To Success

“I attended Jayne’s workshop “Articulate Your Way to Success…” on January 28, 2015 and walked away more confident, empowered, and motivated. The workshop was engaging and impactful! Jayne ensured all attendees participated and she provided valuable to everyone for each task. You learn tools to use daily, and you will also learn some of the […]

Three Easy Tips for Using Eye Contact for Better Communication

Eye contact may seem like a natural behavior that needs no instruction. But the way in which you make eye contact while communicating can have a significant impact on how others perceive you. Take a look at our three tips below for using eye contact to come across as an approachable, confident professional.

Ready for Level II

Hi, Alina: Thanks a lot for the final summary and all the constructive feedback and recommendations! I really enjoyed the program and sincerely appreciated all your instructions and help throughout the training! You are an amazing and wonderful instructor!! I will continue to practice what I learned in level 1 and hope to continue the […]