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Can you get rid of my accent?

“Can you get rid of my accent?” That is often the first thing that someone says to me when they call for information.  I always ask, “Why do you want to get rid of your accent?”

In my opinion, unless you are an actor preparing for a role with or without a specific accent, there is no reason to erase one’s accent completely. One’s accent is a vital part of their self-image, reflecting their heritage and culture. It is a reflection of who they are. We all have accents.  What is important is that one’s accent or the way they speak does not interfere with the delivery of their message.

In business, speaking with clarity and confidence is essential to business success.  If someone is frequently asked to repeat what they just said they need to make improvements in their communication.  A particularly heavy accent can make speech difficult to understand and create communication gaps that detract from the message. When I founded my business in 2009, I observed many of my non-native English-speaking clients working within a field of native English speakers. Since that time, business demographics have changed. Every industry now has a melting pot of individuals from all over the globe speaking Standard American English with varying accents. On one conference call you may have someone from India, Japan, Germany, China and the Ukraine all trying to be understood while speaking English.

We often hear from our clients that their confidence is affected when people ask them to repeat what was said or the listener looks confused. An accent-reduction and modification program is designed to provide essential tools that will not only build clarity, confidence and credibility, but also will truly transform communication skills into those of a business leader. Accent reduction and modification training will not affect just your clarity and confidence, but your career as well.