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Words You Don’t Know You’re Using Wrong!


Improve your vocabulary and improve your communication!Last week we talked about several words and phrases that can undermine your credibility as a professional. Another common problem is misusing words. People often make the mistake of equating a large vocabulary with being articulate and intelligent and try to pepper their speech with as many impressive vocabulary words as possible. Unfortunately this can backfire; not only can unnecessarily complicated words make you sound pretentious, if you use them incorrectly, it can undermine your credibility. Take a look at these very commonly misused words that you may be unaware of:

  • Nonplussed: People often mistakenly think that this word means calm or not flustered. However, it actually has a very different meaning: nonplussed means to be confused.

Example: “I was completely nonplussed by the client’s negative reaction. I had no idea that they were unhappy.”


  • Bemused: Because this word sounds like amused, the two are often confused. Bemused actually has a similar meaning to nonplussed: perplexed or confused.

Example: “He was bemused by the overly complicated instructions.”


  • Irregardless: This is actually not a word at all. It often gets mis-produced as a combination of regardless and irrespective, both of which mean “in spite of.”


  • Penultimate: Because it contains the word ultimate, people often misunderstand this word as a positive superlative, something like “the very best.” It actually means the next to last.

Example: “Roger will be our penultimate speaker of the day. Then Susan will speak and we will conclude our meeting.”


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