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Your best PITCH forward! How to immediately engage and entice your listener!

The goal of networking is to make connections and tell other professionals and potential clients about who you are and what you do. Unfortunately, often  often not enough time to say all that you want to say yet you most definitely want to make a good impression. For this reason, every professional should have an “elevator pitch” — a 30-second to one-minute introduction to what you and your business have to offer. However, the best pitch is lost to the listener if it’s not delivered with clarity and confidence. I am often surprised to hear people mumble their name and swallow their words. Isn’t it important that all the listeners get to know your first and last name? What about the name of your business?

This workshop is designed to not just help you craft the perfect pitch but also to provide the skills to deliver your pitch with impact and enthusiasm so that your listener is immediately engaged and stays engaged in order to receive all of the information.

These techniques will advance your communication skills and ultimately your business.

In this presentation you’ll learn how to:
*Instantly engage the audience
*Introduce yourself in a memorable way
*Close your pitch concisely
*Deliver your pitch in a clear, articulate and engaging manner
If you want an introduction that attracts and engages your audience, come learn  our trademarked formula that will help you to present yourself with confidence at every meeting.


Date: Not Yet Scheduled

Time: Doors open at 6:00 pm for networking. Presentation begins at 6:15 pm.

Location:  2 Park Avenue (at 33rd Street) Suite 300 (Penn Mutual)  Call for details  (917) 841-2965


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