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Articulate Your Way to Success with These 3 Simple Tips!

Are you looking to communicate with greater clarity, confidence and credibility? Increasing the clarity of your speech can have a huge impact on how you’re perceived in the workplace. Take a look at these three strategies to help you articulate your way to success:

Don’t Leave Out Syllables: When we speak in casual conversation, we often take “shortcuts” which can make your speech seem sloppy at best, and at worst, may render your entire message incomprehensible. Make sure you don’t drop syllables from multi-syllabic words, for example, pronouncing probably as “probly”. Even if others understand your words, syllable dropping will make your speech seem sloppy and unprofessional.

Keep It Clear by Slowing Down: One essential skill you can use to project confidence, clarity and professionalism is learning to manipulate your rate of speech. People tend to rush their words when they’re nervous or passionate about a topic, two situations that come up frequently when speaking in the workplace. A controlled, even rate of speech will help you to appear confident and knowledgeable, and give your listener the impression that what you have to say has value and is worth taking the time to listen to.

Finish Your Words: There are many pairs of words in the English language that only differ by their final sounds. If you don’t finish the last sound of each word, your listener may misunderstand you, or be so focused on figuring out what you just said, that they miss your next point. Make sure to pronounce each and every sound of every word; your message will be clearer, and you will come across as professional and articulate.

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