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Archive of month: March 2016

Professional meeting

Finding the Perfect Rate of Speech: Slow, Steady, and Clear!

Achieving clear, confident speech is essential to top-notch professional communication. In addition to saying the sounds of each word is a crisp, clear manner, another important part of increasing clarity is slowing down your rate of speech. If you’re like most people, you tend to rush your words when nervous or under pressure. Unfortunately, these […]

Communication Etiquette for the Polished Professional

  As professionals, we’re often so focused on getting results and making connections, but we forget one of the most fundamental necessities of making connections with others: etiquette. Common courtesy is a basic necessity, but is all too often, left by the wayside in professional interaction. Introductions Matter: When speaking with two people whom you […]
Professional meeting

How Communication Can Transform Your Meetings

 “A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted.” ~Unknown While meetings are a great concept in theory—an opportunity for everyone to share ideas and be kept up-to-date on important business—anyone who has ever worked in a corporate environment is all too aware that meetings can become a drawn-out, ineffective waste of […]
Man on phone

Do Your Telephone Skills Need Work? 3 Simple Tips

If you’re like most professionals, a significant portion of your day-to-day communication happens over the phone. Communicating over the phone can be even trickier than in-person communication—without the non-verbal cues that we rely on in face-to-face conversations, it can be harder to effectively communicate your message. Take a look at our three simple tips to […]

More Great Results from our Most Recent Workshop!

Take a look at these testimonials from our recent workshop, Communicate Up The Corporate Ladder: How to Succeed with Clarity and Confidence. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of future events; take a look at our events page for upcoming workshops and lectures, and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates sent directly […]
Francis Fernando

Take Your Confidence to the Next Level! An Interview with Francis Fernando

Welcome to Corporate Speech Solutions’ First Thursday! On the first Thursday of every month we feature an expert in a related field that has a skill or expertise that will enhance your professional skill set. Today, we’re joined by business owner and professional business trainer Francis Fernando. As a successful business owner, author, and professional […]