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Communication Etiquette for the Polished Professional


As professionals, we’re often so focused on getting results and making connections, but we forget one of the most fundamental necessities of making connections with others: etiquette. Common courtesy is a basic necessity, but is all too often, left by the wayside in professional interaction.

Introductions Matter: When speaking with two people whom you both know, but who do not know each other, make sure to introduce them. If you don’t remember one person’s name, simply admit it casually by saying something along the lines of, “I’m sorry, your name has slipped my mind at the moment.” If you are not sure whether the two people you’re speaking with know one another, ask, “Have you two met?” to be on the safe side.

Don’t Drop Greetings: Greetings may be reduced to an acknowledging nod with personal friends and family, but in professional situations, formally acknowledging someone when they enter a room is often essential. When someone enters the room and greets you, stand up and shake their hand. By formally acknowledging their entrance, you send the message that you consider them and their reason for speaking to you a priority.

Admit Your Mistakes: Even the most polished professional has a lapse in communication etiquette on occasion. If you find that you’ve done or said something that could be received as rude, simply acknowledge your mistake and apologize. Be sincere in your apology, but don’t go overboard; if you dwell on your mistake, it will only make the other person uncomfortable and draw more attention to the faux pas.

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