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A Great Team

Corporate Speech Solutions helped me prepare for a speech to be given to 500 people. The first two sessions, Alina and I worked on editing my speech to make it more cohesive and powerful. The remaining sessions, Alina coached me on delivery. She helped me identify words that I needed to emphasize, parts of the speech that I needed to pause, and words that I needed to pronounce clearer. Alina’s training is the reason I was able to give a dynamic speech and speak with confidence. . Alina truly cares about her clients and was so nice to send me an email prior to my speech with words of encouragement and tips for the day of the speech. The techniques that she taught me during our sessions were not only essential for this speech, but also for any future public speaking opportunities I may have in the future.

On the day of the event, Jayne Latz, Founder and CEO came to the event early to do a last minute run through and to support me during the event. They truly are a great team.

Natalia Graca