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Archive of month: May 2016

Amazing experience!

Hi Jayne! I would like to thank you and Alina for amazing experience! The training helped me gain the confidence level I was missing.  It made me aware of the mistakes I was making and gave me the tools to correct them. Thank you! Sincerely, Lina Tsin

Medical School Interview Process

(unsolicited email to our trainer) Paul,  I actually have a lots of news: Never thought I would get into a medical school in my top 2, let alone multiple acceptances. Couldn’t be happier with the results of my second application cycle . Thank you again for all of your help and kind words. Couldn’t have […]

Best Training of My Career

Thanks again for helping me! This training is by far the most valuable in terms of immediate impact I’ve had in my entire career. M.M Colas, International
Woman standing

Projecting Confidence with Posture: Five Simple Tips!

Being able to communicate your message in a clear, articulate way is key to professional success. However, strong professional communication isn’t only about what you say and how you say it. What your listener sees is just as important as what they hear. This means honing both your verbal and non-verbal communication skills in order […]
Woman standing

Are You Speaking With Your Best Voice?

  How does your voice impact your career? Last week, in support of Better Speech and Hearing Month, we talked about some of the ways a speech-language pathologist can help people communicate. Today we’ll focus more closely on one of those areas: voice training. A speech-language pathologist can help a person speak with their best […]
Better Hearing and Speech Month

May Is Better Speech and Hearing Month!

Each May, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association organizes Better Speech and Hearing Month in an attempt to raise public awareness about speech, hearing, and language disorders and services that are available to help improve communication. Speech and language disorders can take many forms and can limit academic achievement, social adjustment, and career advancement. In addition to […]
Jess Todtfelt

Social Proof Is the New Currency: A Guest Blog by Jess Todtfeld

  Welcome to First Thursday! On the first Thursday of every month Corporate Speech Solutions features an expert that has a skill or expertise that will enhance your professional skill set. Today, we’re joined by Jess Todtfeld, with a blog on social proof, that all-important force that shows your prospective clients that others trust and […]