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Landing Your Dream Job: Three Tips for New Graduates

Did you know that over 3 million students will graduate from college in the United States this year? As a new graduate entering the professional world, this means you’ll be facing an inordinate amount of competition as you try to land your dream job and get your career started. How can you be the candidate that stands out from the crowd during your interview? Communication!

Young adults have less experience expressing themselves in professional situations. This can be a major professional disadvantage, particularly during the interview process when people aren’t yet familiar with your professional attributes and may judge you more superficially. Last week we talked about three strategies you can use during your interview to appear more professional and confident. Today we provide three more tips for acing that interview and landing your dream job:

Slow Down: When people are excited or nervous (and who isn’t nervous during an interview?), they tend to speak more quickly than usual. Not only does speaking quickly make your speech more difficult to understand, it also doesn’t give your listener time to fully absorb and remember your main points. A rapid rate of speech can also make you appear unsure of yourself. Keep your speaking rate in check and try to use an even, relaxed pace as you answer questions.

Use Breath Support: Having a strong, dynamic speaking voice will make you appear more professional and confident during your interview. Your breathing is the power behind your voice—use diaphragmatic breathing (breathing from your abdomen, not your chest) to increase breath support and vocal quality.

Don’t Forget Body Language: Non-verbal communication can often leave a stronger impression that what you say. In order to appear professional, poised, and self-assured, keep your body language in check. Make sure to maintain strong posture while sitting and standing, and avoid closed-off positions like crossed arms or legs. Finally, make sure your handshake is strong and firm without being aggressive—your handshake is often the first impression your interviewer will have of you: make it count!

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