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How Can a Speech Coach Help You Succeed?

Whether giving a presentation, leading a meeting, connecting with clients, or negotiating a raise, the ability to deliver your message with clarity and confidence is an essential part of professional success. A speech coach can help navigate the countless intricacies that can make or break professional communication. Here are just a few of the ways that a corporate speech coach can help you make communication your most powerful professional tool:

Public Speaking Skills: If you’re like most professionals, you need to speak in front of others on a regular basis. In the past ten years of business I have witnessed a significant statistical change in clients requesting help with public speaking skills. Ten years ago, only about 5% of our clients were interested in working on public speaking skills. Today, the number is 100%! 100% of our clients, whether they are working on reducing an accent or improving their business communication skills, indicate a need to improve their public speaking skills. Keep in mind, public speaking can include talking on the telephone to clients, speaking in video conferences, speaking to a group of 2 -10 or even more prospects or delivering a keynote to hundreds. A speech coach can help you learn to craft a presentation that leaves an impression on every audience and will deliver it in a way that keeps your audience on the edge of their seats.

Clear, Confident Speech: Your speaking style makes a huge impression on others. Research has shown that how we say something matters even more that what we are actually saying.  A professional speech coach will provide training to maximize the clarity of your speech by addressing issues of enunciation, rate, volume and of course, delivery..

Accent Reduction: An accent can be a source of pride and personal identity. However, for some people, a particularly strong accent can impede effective communication. Speech coaches don’t try to eliminate an accent altogether, but they can identify the speech sounds that are causing the most trouble for an individual, and help modify them to make speech clearer and more effective.

Professional Communication Skills: A speech coach doesn’t only work on speech production—they can help with stylistic issues as well. A speech coach can help you stop using filler words (like “um” or “uh”), learn to stop rambling and get to your point more quickly, or develop body language that projects confidence and professionalism. They can also help tailor your communication style to different professional situations, like networking, negotiating, or making a sale.

At Corporate Speech Solutions, our speech coaches help clients speak with poise and professionalism and take their career to the next level. All of our programs are customized and designed to achieve specific client goals, and training is provided by certified and licensed speech-language pathologists and accent reduction specialists with more than 50 years of combined experience.

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