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Are Your Interview Skills Holding You Back?

What are your resolutions for the new year? People across the globe have spent the past few weeks resolving to change their lives for the better. One of the most common resolutions is professional advancement and taking their career to the next level. For many people, this involves taking the plunge and switching jobs. Are you thinking of chasing after your dream job? Take a look at our strategies for acing the interview!

Resist the Urge to Use Fillers: When you’re answering questions on the spot, it’s natural to want to buy yourself a little time. But using filler words such as “ummm” or “well…” make you sound inarticulate, overly casual, and insecure or lacking confidence on the topic. If you feel the temptation to use a filler word, pause or take a breath instead. It’ll serve the same purpose, but will make you sound far more professional.

Watch Your Rate: People tend to speed up their speech when they’re nervous or tense. (And who’s not nervous at a job interview?) Rushing your words not only betrays the fact that you are uncomfortable, it also makes it much more difficult for the interviewer to understand your speech. Take your time, and pause in between important thoughts to let your listener fully absorb your message.

Keep Your Body Language In Check: Non-verbal communication is vitally important in conveying confidence and professionalism. Your body language can often leave a stronger impression that what you say! Make sure to maintain strong posture while sitting and standing, avoid closed-off positions like crossed arms or legs, and don’t avoid eye contact. If you’re holding an object, avoid mindlessly fiddling with it—it’s extremely distracting! Just last week I had to remove a pen from a client’s hand because he was fidgeting with it while answering a question. Also, make sure your handshake is firm without being aggressive—your handshake is often the first impression your interviewer will have of you: make it count!

Like these tips? Check in with us again next week when we’ll provide three more strategies for giving an interview that lands you the job!

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