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Is Accent Modification Right for You?

As globalization continues to increase, more and more professionals find themselves conducting business in a language that is not their first (or even at times, their second) language. . Many professionals find that they have a strong enough command of the language to communicate their ideas, but their accent and pronunciation make it difficult for others to understand their speech. People in this situation often seek out accent reduction or accent modification services.

Many people ask, “Why would I want accent reduction training? I like my accent! It’s a part of who I am!” To be clear, the goal of accent reduction is not to eliminate your accent. An accent in and of itself is certainly not a bad thing. Many people feel that their accent is an important part of their identity. There is no reason that you need to hide the fact that you hail from a different linguistic or cultural background. However, clear, articulate speech is essential to professional success, and many people find that their accent makes it difficult for others to understand them. This is where accent reduction or modification can be useful.

Many others think that their accent is just fine the way it is. They don’t realize or pay attention to how often others ask them to repeat what was just said. We frequently receive calls from individuals that have just been told by their manager, partner, or boss that they are talented and valued in the firm but their communication skills are holding them back. Don’t wait for that message to be delivered. Take action now.

Here’s how accent modification works: A speech-language pathologist trained in accent reduction and accent modification will conduct a thorough evaluation, reviewing your pronunciation of each sound of Standard American English. Other speech patterns such as rate of speech, volume and stress will also be taken into consideration. The speech-language pathologist will then assess which sounds and speech patterns are having the strongest impact on your clarity. The trainer will then custom design a program that is tailored to your specific goals and personal communication needs. In addition to targeting English pronunciations and speech features, the speech therapist may also introduce common American English idioms and expressions to help increase conversational fluency.

An accent-modification training program is designed to give you the skills to communicate in a clear and confident manner. Want to learn more? Check out my video below!

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