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Articulate Your Way To Success!

Are you looking to develop the skills of a dynamic communicator?

Are you frequently asked to repeat what you just said? Do you notice a look of confusion on your listener’s face when you are presenting important information? Don’t you wish you could speak with the clarity and confidence of a great speaker?

You can have the confidence to deliver your message like a well polished presenter sooner than you thought possible.

Professional speaking skills are essential to all aspects of communication. Research has shown that the sound of a person’s voice strongly influences how he or she is seen by others. As one delivers their message, it is important that they use the right clarity, delivery and tone in order for their audience to fully process and embrace the message. Strong communication skills create leaders, and leaders get promoted.

When Jayne Latz delivers Communicate Up the Corporate Ladder, you will learn tips and techniques so you will always be clearly understood. Your message will be heard. And you will be recognized for your expertise and talents.

Highlights of the program will include:

  • Vocal training to create a more dynamic speaking voice
  • Improving clarity and enunciation while speaking
  • How to use strategic pausing to impact the delivery of your message
  • Tips and techniques to positively impact your telephone conversations

Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Location: 150 East 42nd Street, between Third and Lexington. The Lower Level of Wells Fargo in The Astor Room.

Time: 6PM – 7:30PM

March2015_3This 90-minute presentation will cover four key techniques that immediately impact your spoken message and help you to be recognized in business. Being recognized in business will help to drive more business your way.

These techniques have helped our clients in the following ways:

  • We have trained professionals to speak at the White House.
  • We have trained professionals to speak in front of 5 to 5000 people.
  • We have trained professionals to excel on interviews and get their dream job or promotion.

If you are looking to climb the ladder of success then join us for this presentation and learn how you too can outperform your peers!

If you have experienced difficulty with your communication skills but didn’t know where to turn, this presentation is for you. You will walk away with improved self-confidence when dealing with your clients and colleagues and this will help you succeed in business by building clarity and confidence in your day to day communication skills.


To attend, you must register below. Space is limited!

Price is $25.00

For those of you who are interested in more intensive training on your business communication skills please contact us directly at info@corporatespeechsolutions.com or call us directly at (212) 308-7725.