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Boost Your Conversion Rates by 10x! The Value of Landing Pages: a guest blog by Jimmy Newson


Welcome to First Thursday! On the first Thursday of each month, Corporate Speech Solutions features an expert that has a skill or expertise that will enhance your professional skill set. Today, we’re joined by Jimmy Newson, inbound marketer and digital content creator. Today, Jimmy shares his expertise on digital marketing and provides some tips for using landing pages to turn your leads into customers. Not sure what a landing page is or how to construct one? Read on to find out!

Your online business might work well enough, and all of your digital efforts might be fruitful. However, you might still not use the single best technique that can literally boost your conversion rates by up to 10x. Instead of using a targeted, customized landing page, you are sending traffic to your main page. And that’s a costly mistake.

According to Neil Patel, an experienced marketer, New York times bestselling author, and landing page architect & promoter, you can literally double your traffic in just 30 days by creating a highly targeted landing page instead of using your main webpage. Keep reading to discover how.

What is a Landing Page?
A landing page is a webpage separate from the main homepage of your website where you send potential clients who click on an ad or other type of on-line marketing. Rather than providing general information about your company or services, a landing page is specifically targeted to convert interested visitors into potential clients. Often a landing page includes an offer of some kind (e.g., “Sign up for our free resource guide!”) which requires the visitor to provide their information. This more easily allows you to convert visitors into clients.

Why go with a Landing Page Instead of your Homepage?
A separate landing page is better than your homepage for several reasons:

  • It focuses solely on conversion: While your full website has all the information a client might need about your company, a landing page is specially targeted to offer just the right amount of information to move clients from the awareness stage through the decision and buying stages. A good landing page allows you to fulfill the promise you have made in your ads or other online marketing and give your prospects exactly what they want.
  • You can test it continuously: You can easily add text, remove images or change the content of your landing page, without affecting the structure of your website. You can also use multiple versions of your landing pages to see which is the most effective. This is impossible to do on your main website, as your main webpage should always have just one version.
  • No more distractions: A good landing page removes all distraction that a home page usually comes with, like navigation bars, pop-ups, or blogs. This allows your potential clients to absorb the information that you want them to see without having their focus drawn elsewhere.

The Anatomy of a Landing Page
Each successful landing page has five must-have, core elements:

  • A unique selling proposition
  • The main headline
  • A secondary headline that supports the main idea
  • A reinforcement statement
  • A closing argument

Sprinkled throughout the content should be multiple call-to-actions. It is also important to include an eye-catching headline at the top, followed by the main headline and one or more subheadings. The second headline should be an elevator pitch that positions yourself above your competition. As for subheadings, here is where you briefly explain what you can do to solve the customer problem.

Below, you should include an explainer video or image and then a list of benefits. A call to action should follow right after that. Depending on your niche, you should also add some customer testimonials and third party trust elements at the bottom of the page.

Now that you are well aware of the benefits of using a landing page and what to include to construct a landing page that converts visitors into leads, it is time to gather your team and start brainstorming. Design a flawless landing page by looking online for ideas and templates, and do not forget to integrate it into your overall marketing strategy to have maximum impact on your prospects.

Jimmy Newson helps entrepreneurs and small business owners effectively share their message with the world. He has over 24 years of experience in the entertainment, marketing, and digital media arena, and regularly speaks on the topics of video production, digital content creation and inbound marketing. You can get more info at https://www.mediamarketingeffect.com/.

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