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What options do I have when I want to improve my pronunciation of spoken English?


Have you been trying to learn Standard American English on your own and feel you are not seeing your desired results? While self-study can be a great resource, there are many aspects of learning English as a second language that are best targeted with a professional who can tailor your training to your personal goals and needs. Today, we’ll talk about how personalized professional communication training and accent modification training can help you get to the finish line faster and with better results.

When learning to speak a new language, there are a range of challenges to overcome. You might find that you are unable to produce certain sounds correctly or that you have a problem with your tone. You might even know that you are not speaking clearly but don’t know what exactly is wrong.

You might also find you are unable to express yourself and share ideas, thoughts, and feelings as you would in your native language. A corporate speech-language pathologist is trained to identify and target the areas of Standard American English that are the most challenging to you and are holding you back from communicating with clarity and confidence.

During your initial visit, the speech pathologist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your communication skills and English pronunciation in order to pinpoint the areas that need to be addressed. This first step is essential; since every speaker has different strengths, challenges, and goals, no two training programs are exactly alike. The assessment will help the trainer design a program that is tailored specifically to you, and provide feedback that can be quite enlightening.

In training, the speech professional uses a number of methods and tools to improve the client’s speech production. The exact strategies are customized for each individual. In some cases the speech pathologist will instruct the client on exactly how to move the mouth to pronounce certain sounds or include tongue exercises to improve articulation and pronunciation. For other clients, the focus may be on effective, articulate expression of thoughts and ideas, including the use of effective vocabulary, American English idioms, and effective sentence structure. Yet other clients may focus on public speaking skills, and developing a dynamic, confident speaking voice.

Professional communication training can transform people who are not native speakers into eloquent users of English. The process takes time, patience and determination, but you will learn to pronounce, project and present with greater clarity and greater confidence.

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