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Five Benefits of Accent Reduction for the International Business Professional


Are you a non-native English speaking business professional looking to advance within your organization? Many non-native English speaking professionals find that they have a strong enough command of the language to communicate their ideas, but their accent and pronunciation make it difficult for others to understand their speech. If this sounds like you, you might benefit from accent reduction or accent modification services.

The goal of accent reduction is not to eliminate your accent. An accent in and of itself is certainly not a bad thing. However, clear, articulate speech is essential to professional success, and many people find that their accent makes it difficult for others to understand them. Many non-native speakers don’t realize how often others ask them to repeat what was just said. We frequently receive calls from individuals that have just been told by their manager, partner, or boss that they are talented and valued in the firm but their communication skills are holding them back. Don’t wait for that message to be delivered. Take action now.

How can accent reduction help you? Take a look below at my top 5 benefits of accent reduction training to help you get the position you deserve.

  1. Overall improvement in your pronunciation skills. Clear and articulate speech is essential to professional success!
  2. Greater confidence when giving a presentation in front of your peers. As your communication skills improve, you’ll feel less self-conscious when speaking or presenting. This means you can concentrate on delivering a dynamic, memorable presentation.
  3. Fewer mistakes when speaking, which leads to overall greater effectiveness. You will be more sure of saying the right thing at the right time whether speaking with your co-workers, friends, clients, or business associates.
  4. Better networking and negotiation skills. Being able to effectively communicate with potential prospects is essential to closing deals, generating revenue, and moving up the corporate ladder.
  5. Less confusion for your listeners. A strong accent can leave others struggling to understand you or constantly asking you to repeat yourself. Making your speech more clear and easily understandable leads to more effective professional interactions.

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