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Do You Have Talented Employees with Communication Problems?


Do you have talented employees you would like to promote but feel their communication skills are standing in the way of climbing up the corporate ladder? This is often a problem I see with non-native English speaking employees. Their skills, knowledge, and expertise make them perfect for their position, but since English is not their native language, their communication skills get in the way of their performance. If this description fits any of your employees, the solution may lie in hiring a corporate speech-language pathologist or Executive communication coach. With the right coach training your employees, you could start seeing vast improvements in both communication and confidence within a few weeks.

One fear or concern for many hiring managers and human resource professionals, is the cultural sensitivity of the situation. Can you really tell someone they need to modify their accent. The answer is yes! An accent in and of itself is certainly not a bad thing. Many people feel that their accent is an important part of their identity. However, clear, articulate speech is essential to professional success, and a strong accent can negatively impact speech clarity, causing misunderstandings and confusion. Accent modification is not about eliminating a person’s accent; it’s about building clarity and confidence so the employee can perform better at their current or new job and move up the ladder of success.

By investing in your star employees’ future, you not only can give them the promotion they so rightly deserve, but you also continue to build your all-star team. This in turn allows you to see your company grow to new heights with loyal employees dedicated to the company’s success.

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