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Slow Down! Using Rate to Increase Clarity

One of the most common issues I see across clients is difficulty controlling their rate of speech. For many people, it’s natural to speak quickly when they’re nervous or excited. Unfortunately, speaking too quickly can be extremely damaging to your speech clarity and your overall professional image.

When you speak quickly, your words run together. Since the sounds at the end of each word are lost, it becomes much more difficult to understand your speech. If your listener is working overtime to understand your words, the overall impact of your message will be lost.

Rapid speech can also impact how others view you. If you rush through your speech, it gives the impression that you are unsure of yourself, and want to get speaking over with as quickly as possible. If it doesn’t seem that you value your own message, your listener will likely subconsciously devalue your message as well. Speaking at a slower, more relaxed pace projects an air of confident leadership and gives your message more implicit value.

One way to improve your rate is to incorporate strategic pauses into your speech. At Corporate Speech Solutions, we use our Strategic Marking SystemTM to help clients learn when, where, and for how long to pause. Pauses of varying length can be added into your speech to help your listener process your message, to highlight key points, and keep your audience fully invested in your speech.

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