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How Do I Make My Soft Voice Powerful, Strong, and Dynamic?



Do you have a soft or even a weak voice? Do you feel as though you don’t project the confidence to get the respect you deserve in meetings or while giving presentations? A powerful, dynamic voice is the foundation of confident, effective professional communication, whether you’re addressing an audience of one or one thousand. Here are a few steps you can take to help you project your voice and command a room.

  1. Vocal Hygiene. If you are like more professionals, you use your voice non-stop. Vocal strain and fatigue are common by-products of voice overuse. Don’t strain to speak over loud noise, hydrate often, and make time to relax your voice.
  2. Vocal Preparation. Relaxing your voice and your body before speaking can significantly improve your vocal quality. Start by stretching your articulators before you speak. Next, relax by releasing the tension in your body. Finally, do vocal warm-up exercises. Want a little guidance? Click here to download our free resource: “Public Speaking Warm Up.”
  3. Breath Support. Remember that air is the power behind your voice. Proper breathing will help you to project your voice and present yourself as clear and confident.
  4. Vocal Projection. Once your vocal mechanism is relaxed, you can practice projecting your voice. Do this by picking a single spot on the back wall, directing your voice only to that one spot and gradually increasing your volume.
  5. Keep It Interesting. Speaking with varied intonation keeps your listener engaged and makes your speech far more interesting to listen to. Practice saying the same phrase out loud using a different intonation pattern each time. For example, try saying “Where are you?” as if you were confident, then irritated, then excited.

If you want to dive deeper into unleashing your vocal power to turn your voice into your most powerful professional tool, make sure to sign up a free copy of my 15-page e-book, Talking Business: The voice of success! In this free resource, you’ll learn how to increase vocal power and resonance in your voice and improve vocal clarity with four simple exercises.

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