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Year-End Wrap Up! 12 Months of Expert Advice

Welcome to First Thursday! On the first Thursday of each month, Corporate Speech Solutions features an expert that has a skill or expertise that will enhance your professional skill set. Today, we wrap up this year’s series by reviewing the strategies and skills shared by the experts that have been featured in 2017. Take a look at the highlights below, and revisit the blogs that address your particular set of challenges and goals:

How the Right Communication Skills Can Help You Stand Out from the Crowd, Look Like an Expert, and Maybe Even Sell Life Insurance to Bill Murray
Erin Ardleigh, President of Dynama Insurance, joined us and shared the communication strategies that she has found the most useful in bypassing the negative stereotypes that often accompany sales, and in connecting with her clients.

Etiquette: More than the Correct Fork
How polished is your professional etiquette? Doris Young Boyer, President of Global Protocol and Influence, an etiquette and protocol consulting firm, shares some of the many ways that you can make etiquette work for you in your professional life.

Three Tips for Becoming a ‘Force Multiplier’
Tony Chatman, a corporate relationship expert, shares some of his key strategies for taking your leadership skills to the next level and becoming a ‘force multiplier.’

Hello, Employees!
A company is only as strong as its employees, so attracting and maintaining great talent is an essential part of corporate success. In this blog, Ri Bizzaro, District Manager for ADP, shares some tips for using communication and technology to get the right people in the door and keep them there.

Boost Your Conversion Rates by 10x! The Value of Landing Pages
In June, Jimmy Newson, inbound marketer and digital content creator, shared his expertise on digital marketing and provided tips for using landing pages to turn your leads into customers. Not sure what a landing page is or how to construct one? Take a look at the blog to find out!

Building Bridges – Conscious Communication to Enhance Your Business
Kim Ann Curtin, founder and CEO of The Wall Street Coach, an international executive coaching and leadership development firm, discussed some strategies for incorporating conscious communication into your professional interactions.

What to Leave out: Tips from a Writing Pro
In professional communication, sometimes what you don’t say is just as important as what you do say. Don Heymann, a veteran writer and communications consultant, tells you what to avoid in your speech and writing for clearer, more effective, communications.

The Power of Passion
Geri Mazur, a marketer and brand strategist with a background in communications and advertising, provides some key strategies for integrating passion into your public speaking to take your professional communication to the next level.

How Effective Is Accent Modification Training?
Marcos Sastre III recently partnered with Corporate Speech Solutions to complete a study on the impact of accent reduction training on non-native English speakers. Want to learn how accent reduction services can make a difference? Check out his guest blog!

The Power of Relationships in Business Development
Edward Wilkin, CPA and co-founder of Wilkin & Guttenplan P.C., is his firm’s leader on business development and relationship management. In this blog, he shares how communication plays a key role in relationship building.

Thanks for joining us for a great year of expert advice and strategies for taking your communication to the next level!

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