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Jayne Latz serves on the NYC SHRM Board of Directors and until last week I hadn’t had the chance to hear her

I attended the NYC SHRM Organizational Development SIG Meeting where she presented many topics including making a good impression, building vocal volume through proper breathing techniques, how to emphasize your point, modulate your voice, present with confidence, tell your story and many other important skills that are crucial to master, whether in the corporate environment or personal life.  The presentation was one of the most engaging I have been to and each section was combined with real practice, enabling the group to take away many practical skills to hit the ground running.  Most of these are skills we should all have but don’t realize how much good work we can continue to put in to improve them and make a greater impact.  I would certainly hire Jayne in many capacities that her company, Corporate Speech Solutions, specializes in.  I look forward to attending more of her sessions.  Ariel Boverman

Presentation: Pitch Perfect: How To Strategically Cut Through Red Tape and Get The Job You Really Want!