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Connect, Captivate and Communicate

Speak to Lead is now Virtual!! This allows everyone from around the country and the globe to participate! In light of the ongoing concerns secondary to the Coronoavirus, Speak to Lead will now be virtual. Stay safe and connect from the comfort of your home or office.

Don’t just speak to your listener, learn to immediately connect and engage them- whether you are speaking to one or one hundred. Speak to Lead: A Speaker’s Forum is a group training program that provides the skills for you to communicate with greater clarity, confidence and presence.

"I was a member of Speak to Lead for one year. I found each session to be particularly helpful with my breath control and pausing when speaking. As a result of Speak to Lead, I am a much better public speaker with greater impact and with less wear and tear."
–  Alvaro E. Neira
Strengthen and refine your business communication skills directly from our expert trainers and facilitators. This group will give you the time, attention and skills you will need for business success.
  • Learn to:
  • • Captivate your listener with a strong and dynamic voice
  • • Present with greater impact
  • • Drive home your message with varied intonation
  • • Establish executive presence with confident body language (eye contact, posture, gestures, etc)
  • • Speak with crisp and clear pronunciation for clarity in day-to-day business
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A 5 Star Review
"The session was wonderful. In a time that we should be isolated, this virtual event was a breath of fresh air, well organized and a great use of the time I was with them. Jayne and Laurie shared knowledge on how to improve the group skills. Definitely worthy of 5 stars. Thank you!"
Catarina Olim

Benefits of Engagement:

  • • Become more confident, direct and concise when communicating with management
  • • Time to develop, practice, and strengthen business communication skills
  • • Network with other professionals from a variety of fields and background
  • • Build your clarity, your confidence and your career!
"The group was great. I didn’t want the session to end."
Abi Eyo

Note: This is group training. If you are interested in a private session please contact Jayne Latz directly at jayne@corporatespeechsolutions.com
  • There is no program like this! This is a great opportunity to learn and practice communication techniques with an expert in a supportive environment.
  • Location: Virtual
  • The Speak to Lead sessions are one hour in length. They are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 6-7PM EST and on the last Saturday from 11:00 am - 12 noon EST.
  • presentation skills and public speaking

    Dates for 2020 are below:

    Wednesday, January 8, 2020
    Saturday, January 25, 2020
    Wednesday, February 12
    Saturday , February 29
    Wednesday, March 11
    Saturday, March 28
    Wednesday, April 8
    Saturday, April 25
    Wednesday, May 13
    Saturday, May 30
    Wednesday, June 10
    Saturday, June 27
    Wednesday, July 8
    Wednesday, July 22* Please note the day and date change for this month
    Wednesday, August 12
    Saturday, August 29
    Wednesday, September 9
    Saturday, September 26
    Wednesday, October 14
    Saturday, October 24* Please note day and date change to prevent conflict with Halloween
    Wednesday, November 11
    Saturday, November 21
    Wednesday, December 9
    Saturday, December 19
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