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Are You Ready for a Raise?


Make communication your most powerful professional tool!Have your professional skills evolved beyond your current salary? A new year is almost upon us; start it out right by getting paid what you’re worth! Last week we talked about ways you can use communication to improve your negotiation skills. Today we wrap up our negotiation series with three more essential strategies for strong, effective, negotiation.

Be Concise: Many people tend to ramble when they get nervous. This can significantly weaken your position, making you seem anxious and unsure of yourself. In order to avoid this trap, consider exactly what you want to say before you enter the room. Make a note of the most important points, and then find the clearest, most concise way to address each one.

Use Collaborative Language: Using “we” rather than “I” helps keep the tone positive and collaborative rather than demanding. Phrases like, “Help me understand…” or “What could we do…” are great for setting a cooperative tone.

Watch Your Body Language: If you’re trying to convince someone else that you deserve a raise, you should look like you believe you deserve it too! Convey confidence and strength with strong posture: keep your shoulders back, your chin level with the floor, and square your torso so you’re directly facing your listener. Maintain eye contact during the discussion to project confidence and increase connection with your listener.

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