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Does Your Voice Make You Sound Older than You Are?

As our society becomes ever more focused on youth, we’re constantly bombarded by a steady stream of products designed to make you look as young as possible. However, recently, there has been an increasing interest in sounding young as well. Because a dynamic, commanding voice is an essential part of a confident professional presence, many aging adults are seeking professional help in retaining the vocal quality of their youth.

Just like the rest of the muscles of the body, the vocal folds grow weaker as we age. This results in presbylaryngis, or changes in vocal quality due to aging. As we age, on the whole, the voice becomes less vibrant and dynamic. Vocal quality associated with presbylaryngis is often described as breathy, thin, or reedy. In addition, projecting your voice is more difficult when the vocal folds are weaker, resulting in a weaker, thinner voice. Pitch changes also happen with aging. As we age, men’s voices tend to become higher in pitch, while women’s voices become lower.

Although presbylaryngis is a normal part of aging, many people find that changes in vocal quality can negatively impact their professional life. Your voice plays a large role in the impression others have of you, so maintaining a dynamic, commanding voice can have wide-reaching implications in the workplace.

Luckily, studies have shown that voice therapy from a speech-language pathologist can effectively improve the effects of presbylaryngis. A speech-language pathologist can help improve breathing techniques to better support the voice and increase volume. They can also provide vocal exercises to strengthen muscles, reduce tension, and increase the closure of the vocal cords, all of which can improve overall vocal quality.

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