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Three Steps to Networking Success!

Make the right first impression!The ability to make strong professional connections and extend your professional circle is one of the keys to growth in the business world. Whether making connections with potential clients or establishing relationships with other professionals in your field, networking is an essential part of professional success. But how exactly do you go about making these connections? Check out these three tips for taking your networking game to the next level!

Be Pleasant: It sounds simple, but people are much more likely to maintain professional connections with individuals they find pleasant on a personal level. While you want to make sure that others understand what you have to offer on a professional level, you may never even get that far if your listener finds you abrasive and overly aggressive. Always approach others with a smile, and don’t be afraid to engage in small talk before getting down to business.

Help Others Network: To widen your own networking circle, help your colleagues widen theirs. Even though you may not benefit immediately, make the effort to introduce those within your circle to contacts that may be useful for them. The professional world can be surprisingly small, and the colleague you help to make a connection today may run into a perfect networking opportunity for you in the future.

Have Your Elevator Pitch Ready: In many cases, your networking opportunities may take place in very brief passing meetings. This is why every professional needs to develop an “elevator pitch”: a short summary of who you are, what you do, and why the person you are talking to should care. Your pitch should communicate the benefits you bring to the client, not all the services you provide. Want to learn more? Check in with us next week and learn about our original 4-step “A.I.D.E.” for crafting the perfect elevator pitch!

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