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Get Ready to Influence, Impact, and Inspire in 2020!

Happy New Year! As we jump into the new year, resolve to make communication your most powerful professional tool! Check out our New Year’s Resolutions below to help you get the year started on the right foot and help you build your communication and career in 2020.

Learn to Breathe: The quality of your voice can have an enormous impact on how others view you and receive your message. Resolve to develop the foundation for a strong, dynamic voice with effective breathing! To get the most air possible with the strongest support, breathe from your abdomen, not your chest. As you take a deep breath, your chest shouldn’t rise; instead, your ribs and stomach should expand outward. This technique will allow you to power your voice and leave an impact on your listener.

Keep It Clear by Slowing Down: One essential skill you can use to project confidence, clarity and professionalism is learning to manipulate your rate of speech. People tend to rush their words when they’re nervous or passionate about a topic, two situations that come up frequently when speaking in the workplace. Resolve to develop a controlled, even rate of speech. You will appear more confident and knowledgeable, and give your listener the impression that what you have to say has value.

Keep Your Voice Healthy: A strong, dynamic voice is essential in professional communication. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that they have habits that are damaging to their vocal cords. Dehydrated vocal cords can be easily damaged and decrease the quality of your voice; drink plenty of water, especially before speaking for a long time or in front of a group. Avoid habitual throat clearing—each time you clear your throat, your vocal cords slam forcefully into one another, which can cause inflammation and injury over time. Avoid talking at a level that is uncomfortable—if you need to speak in a noisy environment, use a microphone or eliminate background noise as much as possible.

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