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Take Your Career to the Next Level with a Stellar Interview

Are you looking to make the leap to a new job or even switch careers? Do you want to climb the corporate ladder of success in your own company? You’re going to need to polish your interview skills! Whether or not you land the job depends on more than just having the right skills and experience. You also need to know how to stand out from the crowd on an interview. Take a look at our tips below!

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Slow and Steady: People tend to speed up their speech when they’re nervous or tense. (And who isn’t nervous at a job interview?) Rushing your words not only betrays the fact that you are uncomfortable, it also makes it much more difficult for the interviewer to understand your speech. Take your time, and pause in between important thoughts to let your listener fully absorb your message.

Watch Your Tone: A common habit, particularly among young adults, is upspeak, or rising intonation at the end of a sentence so that a statement sounds like a question. Not only can upspeak be distracting, it can make you sound as though you lack confidence and are unsure of what you’re saying.

Give Examples: Be specific and give strong, concrete examples when responding to the interviewer’s questions, especially when discussing your strengths or personal job history. Anyone can say they are good at their job, but giving a concrete example (e.g. sales rose 36% during your tenure at your last company) makes your answer much stronger. Whenever possible, try to tailor these examples to the specific needs of the company you are interviewing for.

Keep It Positive: How your interviewer feels during your interview can have a significant impact on how they remember your performance and abilities. Establish a connection by addressing the interviewer by name—hearing one’s own name out loud can subconsciously make you feel more connected to the speaker. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of a smile. While you clearly want to convey that you take your job seriously, smiling and projecting a relaxed air will make you appear friendly and approachable—important qualities in a future colleague or employee.

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