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Archive of month: February 2020

Don’t Let Acronyms Muddy Your Message!

How many acronyms and initialisms do you use on a daily basis? If you take careful stock of your day-to-day speech, you may find you use more of these verbal shortcuts than you realize. Acronyms aren’t inherently bad. They can replace long and awkward phrases to make speech cleaner and more efficient, especially if they […]

The best English teachers I have met

Good morning Jayne. I hope you are doing well. I believe Margo is one of the best English teachers I have met so far. She always shows her enthusiasm to deliver her knowledge on English speaking skill to me with all appropriate manners. I am really enjoying the class. H. Lee

How Can Body Language Improve Your Career?

Whether it’s improving articulation, learning to speak with a strong, dynamic voice, or modifying an accent, most people are focused on improving their speech for better communication. However, non-verbal communication, or body language, can also have an enormous impact on your ability to connect with others, project confidence, and communicate your message in an engaging, […]

Ignited my curiosity

Speak to Lead: A Speakers’ Forum I was a member of Speak to Lead for one year. I found each session insightful in helping me to slow down, speak with clear pronunciation and project confidence. As a result of Speak to Lead, it has ignited my curiosity to build onto my vocabulary to further assist […]