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How Can Accent Modification Help Your Career?

Do people often ask you to repeat what you say? Do you lack confidence when speaking with others in a professional setting? Does the idea of speaking in front of a group make you break out in a cold sweat? If so, you may benefit from accent modification training.

Accent modification and reduction training isn’t designed to “get rid of” your accent. An accent can be an important part of your identity and a reflection of your personal history and culture. There is no reason that anyone should feel the need to hide their accent or erase it entirely. However, if your accent is interfering with your clarity or confidence, it can be detrimental to your career.

Accent reduction training isn’t only for non-native English speakers. Although we don’t realize it, EVERYONE has an accent. Any type of accent or dialect can be problematic if it takes away from your ability to communicate with others in a clear, confident, professional way.

How can accent reduction training help your career? Check out the success story below from one of our recent clients!

SG, a health care industry representative, started our on-line accent reduction training earlier this year, when she began working remotely. Even though her English was quite good, and she had lived in US for over 30 years, she was still sometimes asked to repeat herself. She was concerned that the increased reliance on virtual platforms and remote communication could exacerbate her difficulties. SG reported that she found completing accent reduction training online to be effective and convenient. She achieved significant improvement in her production of spoken English as measured by pre- and post-program testing. Following her training, SG received positive feedback from her supervisor regarding her online presence, increased clarity, and improvement of her overall communication skills.

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