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Virtual session went very smoothly

I had such a wonderful experience with Margo and the training.  From the very beginning Margo made me feel comfortable and at ease.  She was able to help me identify both my strengths and opportunity areas and helped me find the right solution for me to make improvements.  When something didn’t work for me, Margo was able to offer another option for a solution.  When we had a few weeks break given the pandemic I was a little nervous about getting caught back up and resuming sessions virtually.  Margo dedicated part of that initial session back to bringing me back up to speed and bridging the gap from where we left off.  The virtual session went very smoothly as well.


As a result of the program and Margo’s help I have gained a lot of confidence and some new perspectives.  I now have tangible ways to improve my communication and calm myself down when I am nervous, whether that be in a large presentation or small group meeting.  Thanks to you, Margo and the training for helping me become a better communicator!


Jennifer 9/2020