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Clarity and Confidence in Remote Communication

Reduced visual cues and varying sound quality mean communication on the virtual platform requires extra attention to speech clarity. Check out our strategies below to make sure you come across as a clear, confident professional with every interaction.

  • Say Every Sound: Slow down and enunciate each sound of each word to make sure your audience doesn’t miss a thing. Take care not to drop sounds, particularly at the ends of words, and don’t run your speech together. Articulating all of the sounds of every word will not only make your speech easier to understand, it will project professionalism and intelligence. Of course we don’t want you to sound like a robot—practice makes perfect.


  • Harness the Power of the Pause: Sometimes silence can speak more powerfully than words. A well-timed pause can improve vocal variety, highlight an important point, or build tension. Regularly pausing also makes your speech easier to understand and allows your audience to take a moment to absorb your message. Before your next remote presentation or virtual meeting, take a moment to go through your notes and find places to pause that will maximize the power of your speech. Want help? Contact us to learn about our Strategic Marking System™!


  • Develop a Dynamic Voice: Nothing is more boring than listening to someone drone on and on in a monotone voice. Since it can be even more difficult to hold your listener’s attention in remote communication, a dynamic speaking voice is crucial. Vocal variety helps keep your audience invested and can drive home key points of your message. Vary your pitch and tone of voice to reflect the mood and message of what you’re saying. You can also change the pace of your speech as you talk to keep things interesting.

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