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Why Building a Diverse Company is Important

Companies and organizations are getting more global every day. Even within a single country or city, the option of providing work, goods, and services to several ethnic communities exists. Creating a truly diverse environment brings tangible benefits, internally and externally, and could push the company to new heights.

Diversity is our reality

Since we are all part of society, diversity is a part of society. It should be integral in every organization. One way to do that is to approach it from a system of values, the common values rooted in our society, values you also often see in company handbooks: mutual trust and respect, freedom, equality, and so on. 

Diverse Staff Are Happier, More Productive 

Employees learn from coworkers who have different work styles and attitudes toward work. 

Diversity encourages team members to search for innovative ways and new perspectives, where their creativity could blossom, which will soon lead to better decision-making and problem-solving, and in turn a widespread feeling of self-fulfillment and confidence among employees. 

It helps businesses flourish and leads to a stronger staff of employees according to a study in 2011 led by Ryerson University professor Kristyn Scott. In order for the results to be seen, Scott said the commitment to diversity must be more than just superficial.

“When you have an inclusive corporate culture, recruiting top talent becomes easier, group processes will be enhanced, which means employees are more likely to stay, which, in turn, increases the company’s bottom line,” Scott said.

Building a diverse company gets everyone to work in a safe environment, where people can express themselves fully and are encouraged to contribute. Diversity has been found to drive innovation. It introduces new ways of thinking and it helps your company create customer-centric products while remaining culture-sensitive. 

A diversity-conscious work environment ensures everyone is heard, known, and recognized, consequently improving business strategies. Diverse teams generate new ideas and creative solutions to problems, that’s why it brings quality strengths to organizations and businesses.  

How to cultivate diversity in a workplace 

Diversity in a workplace is now perceived in a different light, it is no longer a nice thing to do – it is critical.  It’s a very important component of a thriving business to improve a company’s reputation and strengthen your brand. 

Here’s what you can do:    

  • Acknowledge and honor multiple religious and cultural practices. Acknowledge holidays and celebrations, have a non-denominational end-of-year party, provide a refrigerator to separate kosher food items and other dietary restrictions. 
  • Open a dialogue about inequality: Talk about racial, gender pay, and any potential pay disparities. Or show your company’s data points around compensation so as to build inclusivity and trust among your employees. Consider bringing in experts who can facilitate these often challenging conversations.
  • Welcome a multilingual and multigenerational workforce. People with different expertise, perspectives, and experiences will benefit you and your business.
  • Foster diverse thinking. Ask questions, welcome feedback about your management style or your approaches. Facilitate open dialogues, brainstorm, and consider using the six hat thinking exercise: white, red, black, yellow, green, and blue hat thinking. 
  • Build and strengthen your company’s anti-discriminatory policies. A company’s anti-discrimination policy needs adequate cooperation from management as well as a thorough understanding from company workers. Consider holding a staff meeting to discuss and review changes. 
  • Track progress, not representation. It’s critical to keep track of who’s rising up the corporate ladder in order to assess progress toward a truly inclusive culture. Promote individuals from a variety of backgrounds to higher positions. Your company won’t realize the full benefits of having a diverse team unless you promote them to higher positions. 
  • Build an Internal Escalator. Create an intentional advancement plan to assist employees to prepare for leadership positions. This can be particularly helpful for employees for whom American English is a second language. Training like that provided by Corporate Speech Solutions will assist in their communication and leadership skills. 

Organizations that proactively resolve and accept differences deter generational and cultural prejudices, gain competitive advantages, and create a rich, fulfilling working environment. 

Creating a diverse workforce needs careful planning. And the results aren’t always immediate. But laying a solid base for a diversity initiative in your company will help your employees grow as individuals and professionals, ensure long-term success, and allow you to better compete on a global scale. 


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