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Archive of month: 2022

Man and woman speaking

Business & Corporate Language

Business & corporate language refers to the language and visuals used inwards and outwards. Personalization, consistency, and clarity are essential qualities of effective communication. Corporate Jargon (not business & corporate language!) It is common for employees and leaders to communicate using corporate jargon. These include euphemisms, buzzwords, and vague or ambiguous terms. Using corporate jargon is confusing […]

What a great program!

I truly enjoyed learning from Alina. She was patient, caring and professional. When I was in Guam last week, I received many compliments from the people who attended my seminars. They mentioned they enjoyed listening to my presentation, the pronunciation, tone of my voice and the speed. These were something I learned from Alina through […]

Do Your Non-Verbal Communication Skills Need a Brush-Up?

We’ve all heard of verbal communication. But what about non-verbal communication? What is it and why is it important? Non-verbal communication involves the exchange of messages or signals without the use of words, including eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture, and body language. A variety of factors are involved, including social cues, kinesics, distance, physical […]
Shaking hands

Interview Success: Ace Your Next Interview!

What is interview success? How can you achieve it? You might be wondering what tips and tricks are available to help you succeed in your interview, whether virtual or in-person.  Here are some tips to help you with your next interview: Dress appropriately. Whether you are in-person or virtual, you need to dress for success. […]


Alina has been absolutely amazing!  So glad you recommended her to me.  It’s been a great pleasure working with Alina and I mentioned reconnecting with her in the future for practice sessions on upcoming important meetings, projects, etc. Leo 8/2022

More Communication Problems in Leadership & How to Fix Them!

There are many common communication problems in leadership. As a leader, your role extends beyond taking responsibility for oneself. You are also responsible for the ones you lead. This requires the ability to communicate effectively across different platforms. How do you achieve this? Last month, we talked about three common communication problems in leadership & […]

Monica was fantastic

Training with Monica was fantastic!  I am pleased with my progress and look forward to continuing to work on my  skills. Thank you. Haru 8/2022

Management will notice the improvement

Laurie was amazing as always. She was very reliable and agreed to meet me the day before my big presentation. My manager,mentioned to me that my presentation came out significantly better after my session with Laurie. I hope you have an enjoyable summer! 8/2022

Interview Prep

I found the session with Alina to be helpful. She definitely utilized our time in a productive manner, she also  gave me good feedback and practice. We have the next session scheduled for Wednesday. Thank you for checking in.