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How to ACE a Panel Interview: Shifting Eye Contact

Panel interviews can be nerve-wracking! However, all you need are the right strategies for success!

I was recently asked, “If we are in an interview setting with 4 members, how often should we shift eye contact among various panel members?”

Making meaningful eye contact during a panel interview is one of the most powerful nonverbal communication skills you can use to impress the panelists. Shifting eye contact between panel members is key!

When interviewing with a panel, here are some tips on making eye contact:

  • Try not to constantly glance between panel members.
  • If  your thought or answer to a question is one word or one sentence:
    • Maintain eye contact with one person, state your answer, then look at the others. This establishes inclusion among panel members.


You will also want to ensure that you give all decision-makers on the panel equal amounts of attention, even if one panel member acts as a facilitator and others are less talkative than others. 


It may seem intimidating to take part in panel interviews, but with thorough preparation and a confident attitude, you will be able to ace them. Consider researching your audience, preparing thoughtful responses, engaging with the panelists, listening actively, displaying a team player attitude, asking intelligent questions, and following up with a gracious thank you. With these strategies, you’ll increase your chances of getting that job offer and standing out from the crowd.


To watch the full video of how to ace a panel interview, click here!

What is your strategy for establishing eye contact? I’d love to hear what you have to say.


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