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About the Team - Margo Frommer

Margo Frommer

Senior Trainer

Margo Frommer, MA, CCC-SLP, is a New York state-licensed and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)-certified speech-language pathologist. She is a certified Compton Accent Reduction specialist and has over 25 years experience as a communication trainer. Since joining the Corporate Speech Language Solutions team in 2016, Margo has received rave reviews for the passion she brings to communication coaching and for her 4 step fear reduction program that has helped many people get over their fear of public speaking Her specialty areas are business communication coaching, interview skills and public speaking training. She looks forward to connecting with you personally, identifying the issues that are interfering with your communication and helping you meet your goals and achieve your dreams.

Alina joined Corporate Speech Solutions in 2011. As part of our team, Alina provides training to individuals from a variety of business industries to excel with public speaking, interviews, presentations, overall professional/business communication, and accent modification.

At each initial meeting, Alina administers a comprehensive assessment, provides immediate feedback and works with the clients to develop individualized goals for training. During each training session, clients are provided with tools and strategies that they can immediately implement in daily life. Alina's clients have achieved great success in their careers due in large part to her personalized attention and excellent service.

Additionally, Alina leads a variety of group training programs. The virtual accent reduction program provides a platform for non-native speakers to connect from the comfort of their home/office across the world and practice sounds consistent with Standard American English (SAE). Alina is also the co-founder of our ‘Speak to Lead: A Speaker’s Forum’ program. This group training meets bi-monthly and provides members a unique opportunity to build on their communication and leadership skills while networking with other professionals.

Are you at the beginning stages of your career? Are you in the process of climbing the corporate ladder and want to break the ceiling? Are you a seasoned professional who is ready to take their communication to the next level. Alina will work with you to customize your training program and bring you the success you deserve.