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Accent Reduction Manhattan

Do people often have a difficult time understanding you when you speak? Want to reduce your accent so that you can sound more like a native speaker? At Corporate Speech Solutions we are proud to offer accent reduction in Manhattan for clients that are interested in reducing their accent, improving clarity and building their confidence.

At Corporate Speech Solutions, our Manhattan accent reduction training uses custom techniques which target the most common business communication errors providing quick results. We provide individual one-on-one accent reduction training in Manhattan along with group accent reduction training for corporations.

Through our accent reduction classes, thousands of our clients have reduced their accents and improved their pronounciation of Standard American English. The ultimate goal of accent reduction training is to build confidence while speaking and improve clarity so that listeners can understand more clearly. Most accent reduction clients speak with 50-75% fewer errors following training.

Ready to reduce your accent in Manhattan? Contact Corporate Speech Solutions today to schedule your individual or group accident reduction courses in Manhattan. We look forward to helping you gain confidence and clarity!