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Great Attention To Detail

Paul paid great attention to every accent/grammar mistakes I made and promptly corrected me. He was able to identify the recurring mistakes and developed the curriculum tailored for me.

Noticeable Improvements

I am so happy that Margo has helped me so much on my pronunciation. She recommended a lot of resources for my practice. My colleague can notice the improvements I made in such a short period. It is impossible without Margo’s help. She is so professional and so skilled to find my problems and work […]

Amazing Experience

“I took 14 accent reduction classes with Alina Kaplan and I can say that it was an amazing experience. Alina was absolutely brilliant – highly professional, punctual, and very friendly. All my friends and coworkers have noticed that my pronunciation became clearer and more understandable. And most importantly, I’ve gained my confidence. When I talk […]

Group Accent Reduction Training Starting June 6, 2018

Event Date: June 6, 2018 .  One of our top trainers is making herself available for this 10 session program designed to build your clarity, your confidence careers! You will walk away with the ability to communicate in a more confident manner that will help you build your business and your career. If you are […]

Your presentation last night was extremely valuable

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful tips. Your presentation last night was extremely valuable to me as an HR professional in the making and I hope to imbibe the advice into practice. M. Baxi Presentation: Pitch Perfect: How To Strategically Cut Through Red Tape and Get The Job You Really Want!

I could not have achieved without such a good trainer.

Thank you for all your support. your workshop did inspire me a lot. Also, I do not want to take all the credits. Alina was behind my success. She was detail oriented. She would be ready with what to cover in each session and go through with all my questions. I could not have achieved […]

My career is back on track!!

I looked up Corporate Speech Solutions after my promotion was blocked by senior management over concerns about my communication and professional presence. I was completely devastated. My speech coach Margo helped me through this difficult time in my career on many levels. She provided objective feedback, practical tips to improve on whatever area I was […]

Highly Recommended

If you or somebody you know could use help in improving their public speaking skills, or in improving English enunciation abilities (including softening a foreign accent to make it easier for an English-speaking audience to understand), I highly recommend a professional named Jayne Latz, who has written a book on the subject and has helped […]