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Archives of Testimonials

I highly recommend

I find classes at Corporate Speech Solutions to be very useful. Their coaches are very friendly and efficient. I was able to practice many speaking exercises and get valuable feedback from the group leader and also from my classmates. I highly recommend this organization. Erwin C. (Economic Researcher)

Speaking in a more concise way!

One of the benefits from the Speak to Lead session was the opportunity to practice speaking in a more concise way! Regards Azumah  

Today I sounded more calm, clear

Thank you very much for today’s session, it made me realize how I fixed most of my mistakes in 24 hours! Apparently, today I sounded more calm, clear while talking with no filler words, good eye contact and body language. I hope tomorrow’s interview will go well thanks to Alina and your help. Best, Jad […]

A lot of lessons to learn

Thanks for the session today; it was a powerful delivery and a lot of lessons to learn from it. Azumah Amidini May 4, 2020

PWC: More confidence and ready to truly work

I was a participant at the PWC: Pitch Like a Boss Webinar on Tuesday. I wanted to thank you for the informative presentation. Ever since I began working in the engineering industry I have struggled with my vocal presence and being confident when public speaking. I appreciate  that you gave us exercises and tools that […]

Speak to Lead

I  was a member of Speak to Lead for one year. I found each session to be particularly helpful with my breath control and pausing when speaking. As a result of Speak to Lead, I am a much better public speaker with greater impact and with less wear and tear. Alvaro E. Neira

Extremely helpful

“I really enjoyed tonight’s session. It was extremely helpful and I am looking forward to the next events coming up!” -Sergio Flores

Very nice work!

“It was an excellent presentation. The only downside it was too short (90 minutes). Very nice work!” -Thomas Rodriquez

I was mispronouncing certain critical words

“I didn’t even realize I was mispronouncing certain critical words- and I am a native English speaker. I have learned lots of tools I will continue to practice.” -Dr. Seyni Gueye

The best English teachers I have met

Good morning Jayne. I hope you are doing well. I believe Margo is one of the best English teachers I have met so far. She always shows her enthusiasm to deliver her knowledge on English speaking skill to me with all appropriate manners. I am really enjoying the class. H. Lee