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Does the lack of clarity affect your performance or that of your team?

Our accent reduction and business communication skills training will deliver clear, concise and confident communication for you and your team.

Do you or members of your team get nervous when asked to present in front of others?

Is there a tendency to mumble, speak quickly, or even forget what you want to say?

With our public speaking and presentation skills training you can gain the skills and the confidence to present in front of groups of any size.

Do you have trouble speaking in a concise manner?

We will provide strategies to improve your delivery of spoken information whether you are practicing public speaking or improving your business communication skills.

Are you a young adult looking to move forward in your career?

Our experienced staff has helped many like you land their dream job or promotion by working on presentation skills, interview skills or business communication skills.

Watch Jayne Latz, CEO of Corporate Speech Solutions, on the Today show, share a valuable training tip below.

Our goal at Corporate Speech Solutions is to provide you with the communication skills that will impact and influence others.

Watch Jayne Latz share her story of how she became a communication pro.

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“Jayne [Latz] exemplified what she taught. Poised, articulate, and in command of herself and the audience, she was a great role model for an organization dedicated to professional growth. Our members loved it and have requested an encore presentation.”
—Pauline Kehm, President, American Business Women’s Association

Corporate Speech Solutions Training

Do you need to improve your diction? Reduce your accent? Project your voice strategically on the telephone and in the conference room? It’s all possible with the right voice or accent reduction training.
With our accent reduction training expertise and tools, our clients have gone on to speak at the White House, earn dream jobs, and address hundreds and thousands of people with clarity and confidence.

Corporate Speech Solutions goal is to advance your career by helping you communicate more clearly and effectively. Achieving  amazing accent reduction and voice training results since 2006. Are you ready?
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Build your clarity and your confidence. Learn to transform your communication skills!

Listen to Jayne Latz share the secrets of her success in helping people become dynamic communicators. Corporate Speech Solutions offers training in New York City, Long Island and virtually anywhere in the world. Our goal is "to help you say it better!'

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