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Speech Solutions Long Island

Are you concerned with your ability to properly pronounce words? Do you mumble or speak too quickly when giving presentations? At Corporate Speech Solutions, our speech pathologists in Long Island specialize in all things speech. Whether you are interested in reducing your accent, improving your speech, projecting your voice or even building your confidence, Corporate Speech Solutions would be happy to help.

Long Island Accent Reduction
Do people often have difficulty understanding what you are trying to say? Wish you could reduce your accent in Long Island? Corporate Speech Solutions provides one-on-one training and can help you learn to pronounce Standard American English properly.

Speech Improvement Long Island
Have you been told that you mumble when you speak? Do you find yourself speaking too quickly and being asked to repeat yourself? Corporate Speech Solutions also provides techniques to improve your speech and pronunciation, allowing you to speak with more clarity and confidence.

Long Island Public Speaking Training
Does the thought of speaking publically terrify you? At Corporate Speech Solutions, we specialize in public speaking and have created various techniques to help others master the skill as well. Both individual and group public speaking training in Long Island is available.

Voice Projection Long Island
Have you been told your voice sounds soft, monotone, whiny, nasally or even high-pitched? Were you aware you can actually change the way you sound? At Corporate Speech Solutions, we can provide an evaluation and develop custom exercises to make the changes you’d like to see.

Long Island Confidence Building
Do you wish that you could command attention when you speak? Turn heads when you enter a room? Corporate Speech Solutions can also help build confidence through speech training.

Interview Success Long Island
Looking for a new or better job? Want to make sure your interview is as successful as possible? Corporate Speech Solutions can teach you speech and body language techniques to help you nail your next interview.