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Public Speaking Online


Have you been passed over for promotions you know you deserve?
Do you struggle when speaking in small groups or during a meeting?
Do you stumble over your words or feel anxious when you present?
Do you secure interviews but never seem to ever land the job?
Do you get nervous, speak to quickly, or at times forget what you want to say?

If you said YES to any of those questions…and you are ready to:

Speak with impact and with authority every day.
Communicate in a professional manner with more clarity and confidence.
Overcome the stress and anxiety you feel with public speaking.
Secure that next promotion, land a new job or excel in your new position.
Imagine yourself making an impact when you present. You control the reactions and your success by speaking confidently. Your ideas are valued and leave an impact on your audience. Your communication skills can help you achieve your goals, or they can be a source of frustration. Which path do you choose?

According to Warren Buffet, “the way to boost your career value by 50% is to have effective and engaging public speaking skills.” Yes, learning to give an engaging, powerful presentation is essential to professional success. Yes, Public Speaking Online will help you accelerate your career.

What is included?

• 10 Expert Video Lessons with Jayne Latz
• Presentation Skills for Success Student Manual (used with our individual training students)
• Bonus downloads and practice tools
• Access to our private community to share and exchange ideas with peers and our team
You will learn how to
• Connect with your audience to influence and capture their undivided attention.
• Leverage vocal variety for a confident & dynamic speaking voice.
• Stop using filler words (um, uh) so that you always sound like the expert you are.
• Understand non-verbal communication and how to use it to your benefit.
• Techniques to reduce the fear of presenting to one or 1000.
• Answer difficult questions with confidence.
• Make an even greater impact when using visual aids.
The skills you will learn in Presentation Skills for Success will help you have greater confidence and clarity to get the job or promotion you are looking for or just landed. Our training has helped hundreds of professionals just like you to advance in their career.