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Saying It Better (DVD)

Would you like an easier way to improve your English speaking pronunciation?

 One of our most popular products is our DVD called “Saying it better.” I know that many people are no longer able to use a DVD with their computer- but for others- here you go.

If you don’t have time for individual training, and you don’t have the budget for our online video practice program than this DVD is perfect for you.

This DVD offers a unique approach of self-training using a combination of visuals and audio guides to propel you along the road to English mastery. It's called "Saying It Better! If you are looking to build your clarity and your confidence- purchase this DVD today and you can start practicing immediately. It offers the opportunity to practice the correct pronunciation of all the sounds in Standard American English.
One of our highly skilled executive communication trainers is the model so you can expect perfect pronunciation.

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Saying it Better DVD