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Speak to Lead; A Speaker's Forum

Master Business Communication that Builds Confidence and Makes an Impact Everyday

Is there a leadership position you have your eye on?
Are you actively working to secure a promotion?
Are you hoping to switch companies and level-up?
Or do you just want to nail that next business opportunity?

If you said YES to any of those questions, and are looking to rapidly improve your speaking clarity, build your confidence, and impact your career, then our Speak to Lead Forum is for you.

What exactly is Speak to Lead?

Speak to Lead (STL) is a virtual group training that meets twice each month for one hour. The group is led by one of our communication experts. It is live, interactive (yes- opportunity to participate), collaborative and AMAZING!

 This is a monthly membership! Stay as long as you want or try us out for just one or two months. You can cancel at any time!

The longer you stay and participate, the more you will learn. If you scroll down you will see the topics (subject to change) for the year and the dates for the year.

Speak to Lead is an interactive virtual group where you will learn and practice with an expert certified speaking coach.

You’ll learn to:
• Demonstrate confidence and captivate your audience while professionally speaking.
• Impress leadership as you communicate with power and purpose.
• Gain the respect of your co-workers as you connect and engage with them.

Our suggested monthly topics include but are not limited to:

January - Goal setting exercises and impromptu questions to facilitate thinking on your feet
February - Techniques to speak up and be heard plus impromptu questions to continue to practice thinking on your feet
March - How to Deliver Your Message More Strategically
April - Learn to be concise and eliminate filler words
May - How to deliver polished, professional and articulate communication June- Work on your elevator pitch
July - How to Deliver a Persuasive Speech
August - Learn how to organize your presentation and have the opportunity to deliver a short presentation September -Interview skills (STAR method)
October - Learn how to be more descriptive in your speech
November - The Art of Storytelling
December - Time to prepare for the holiday; Small Talk and Networking skills

Why Speak to Lead?

Our Speak to Lead program is designed to be highly interactive and engaging. You will actually practice the techniques and receive feedback from a certified speaking trainer so you will stand out as the ideal professional for that promotion you have your heart set on and build your confidence along the way.

You get an opportunity to practice and develop your speaking skills in a supportive group environment.

You’ll become more confident, direct, and concise when communicating with management and leadership. You’ll be part of a supportive community with other professionals from a variety of fields and backgrounds.

You’ll build your clarity, your confidence, and your career!

One private session with one of our expert trainers is almost 10x that price. Each Speak to Lead session is one hour long. They are held on the second Wednesday of every month from 6-7PM EST and on the last Saturday of the month from 11:00 am - 12 noon EST.

The Details…

If you love the sessions, great. Your credit card will be charged $65.00 each month. If you don't love the session, simply cancel the membership. It is that easy.

We have two meetings each month and we have now made it easier than ever to visit our unique and value packed virtual group. Click below to register for your next session. All dates are below
or call 917.841.2965

Dates for 2023 are below:

5/20 (early since May 29 is Memorial Day)
11/18 (early since 11/23 is Thanksgiving)
12/6 12/16 (early due to winter break)