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Connect, Captivate and Communicate.

Don’t just speak to your audience, captivate them.
Speak to Lead: A Speaker’s Forum is a group training program that unlocks the skills of compelling delivery and communication.

Strengthen and refine your business communication skills directly from our expert and veteran trainers. They’ll give you the time and attention you need to hone the craft of speaking in a supportive group environment.

This bi-monthly training will give you skills to:

  • Captivate with a strong and dynamic voice
  • Present with greater impact using an effective rate of speech
  • Drive home your message with varied intonation
  • Establish a natural and compelling presence with confident body language (eye contact, posture, gestures, etc)
  • Speak with crisp pronunciation for clarity in day-to-day business


(includes unlimited attendance to Wednesday and Saturday sessions)
3 months:  $199
One Year: $595
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Benefits of Engagement:

  • Become more confident, direct and concise when communicating with management
  • Time to develop, practice, and strengthen business communication skills
  • Network with other professionals from a variety of fields and backgrounds
  • Build confidence with public speaking and reduce stage fright in a warm and supportive group environment
  • Group opportunity to build communication skills with the benefit of an expert communication trainer

This program will provide group training and practice in the following:

  • polish pronunciation to build clarity in day-to-day business
  • using an effective rate or speech to deliver your message with greater impact
  • developing a strong, dynamic voice
  • varying intonation to drive your message home
  • using effective body language (eye contact, posture, gestures, etc.)
  • and more!
Note: This is group training. If you are interested in a private session please contact Jayne Latz directly at jayne@corporatespeechsolutions.com

This Speakers Forum is open to anyone - not just current and past clients of Corporate Speech Solutions, LLC.

If you are looking to practice and build your business communication skills this forum is for you.


Join Today: - $199.00 gives access for 3 months to all monthly sessions- attend one or both. Join for one year for just $595 and you will have access to up to 24 sessions!

There is no program like this! Great opportunity to learn great techniques and practice in front of others so you can build your clarity, your confidence and your career!

Location: 19 West 34th Street, PH floor

The Speak to Lead sessions are one hour in length. On Wednesdays, the meetings are 6-7 PM and on Saturdays from 11:00 am - 12 noon.

Dates for 2019:

January: Wednesday 1/9/19, Saturday 1/26/19
February: Wednesday 2/13/19, 2/27
March: Wednesday 3/13/19, Saturday 3/30/19
April: Wednesday April 10th, Saturday 4/27/19
May: Wednesday 5/8/19 and Saturday 5/18/19
June: Wednesday 6/12/19, Saturday 6/29/19
July: Wednesday 7/10/19, Saturday 7/27/19
August: Wednesday 8/14/19, Saturday 8/24/19*
September: Wednesday 9/11/19, Saturday 9/28/19
October: Wednesday 10/9/19, Saturday 10/26/19
November Wednesday 11/13/19, Saturday 11/23/18
December: Wednesday 12/4/19 Saturday 12/21/19*
* these two dates may be subject to cancellation
Select 3 Months or 1 Year Below
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