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Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements and Workshops

Does your company have a professional development program? Is there a special event or retreat coming up for your association or organization? Our training programs, and workshops are designed to deliver transformational results to your team.

Our presentations are customized to offer specific techniques tailored to bolster your employees’ communication skills so they can speak with clarity, conviction, and confidence. Strong communication skills will build your brand and your business.

Pick from one of the following topics:
1. Use your Voice to Impact and Influence Others
2. Communicate with Power, Purpose and Impact
3. Secrets, Tips and Techniques of the Confident Speaker
4. Accent Reduction Made Easy 5. Pitch Perfect: Use you Pitch to Engage Others

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"I was a participant at the PWC: Pitch Like a Boss Webinar on Tuesday. I wanted to thank you for the informative presentation. Ever since I began working in the engineering industry I have struggled with my vocal presence and being confident when public speaking. I appreciate that you gave us exercises and tools that will help us develop our skills. I left the webinar with a bit more confidence and ready to truly work on my communication techniques. Thank you again."
– Faith