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Presentations and Workshops

Would you like your team to pronounce, project and present with executive presence?
Let Jayne Latz share her techniques in a dynamic presentation.

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Jayne Latz presenting

Need a speaker?

Jayne Latz, President of Corporate Speech Solutions and member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), will provide your organization with an interactive presentation custom-designed for your audience. When it comes to clarity, concision, and confidence, we lead by example.
“The clarity of the program, and the confidence with which you delivered it, was nothing short of awesome. You are welcome to speak at any group with which I am involved any time!”
– Alan J. Schwartz, Attorney/Accountant Committee of the Nassau County Bar Association

Communicate with Power, Purpose and Impact!

By the end of this workshop, participants will have acquired verbal confidence through skills they can immediately apply to their business interactions. 

These skills include: developing a more authoritative speaking voice, delivering a spoken message with clarity and enthusiasm, and identifying and correcting verbal fillers that stand in the way of making a polished impression. These changes will help employees develop a stronger, more dynamic vocal presence.
“Not one person looked at their phone during the presentation. I would certainly recommend Jayne Latz if you are looking for a similar type of workshop or presentation at your firm or association.”
– Leslie Berkoff, Partner, Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP

Inclusive Communication;

How to Be Authentic, Sensitive and Collaborative in The Workplace

“Inclusive Communication” is designed for individuals looking to build their communication skills in their diverse business environment. By improving the delivery of the spoken message the team will strengthen and, productivity will subsequently increase. The goal is for your team to make a positive impression from their very first word.

When Jayne Latz delivers Inclusive Communication, you will walk away with specific tips to change the way you and your team communicate in a diverse business environment.

At the end of the presentation, participants will have:
  • The skills to project a voice to match their talent, skill, and expertise
  • Have a greater understanding of the impact of their words on the listener
  • Have a greater understanding of the impact of their spoken delivery on others
  • Walk away with greater insight into the perspective of others
“Dynamic, clear, informative.”
“This was a great hour. I learned a lot!”
 “Very engaging. Kept the audience excited and interested.”
 "Great tips – really enjoyed and will be using!”
“Thank you Jayne. It was my pleasure meeting you. Your short conference was the most impactful 60 minutes or so that I have spent at a business related meeting in years. Your tips will surely help me when I'm speaking in front of a 200+ person crowd for events of the non-profit of which I am board president . thank you again. ”
"Thank you so much! You are a life-changer! I was engaged from the beginning until the very end. Wonderful work!"

"I absolutely enjoyed the presentation. I have learned many helpful tips to improve my communication skills and will be returning for more. Thank you!"

Secrets, Tools, and Techniques of the Confident Speaker

What great speakers do that other speakers don't 

Have you ever been in the presence of a great orator? They move people into action with their words. Everyone sits on the edge of their seats waiting for the next sentence, regardless of whether it is an audience of two or two thousand. Don’t you wish you could speak like that, no matter your first language?

When Jayne Latz shares her Secrets, Tools, and Techniques of the Confident Speaker, you will experience an immediate sense of excitement. You will actually look forward to your next presentation.
Here are just a few of the takeaways you will experience: 
  • Ability to connect with listeners during presentation
  • Ability to present in a confident and concise communication style
  • Ability to present with a dynamic speaking voice in order to deliver presentations with clarity and enthusiasm
  • Ability to present your message in a concise manner
“Valuable takeaways and tips for speaking.”
“A resourceful and practical speaker with essential information. Thank you!”
“Amazing presentation that quickly identifies points to improve communication."

Business Communication Success for the Non-Native English Speaker

Every year, companies of 100,000 employees lose $62 million per year in productivity, organizational support, and translation costs when language barriers aren’t adequately addressed.

This workshop is designed to provide accent reduction and modification techniques to employees looking to communicate with greater clarity and confidence while maintaining their cultural identity.

Systemic miscommunication compromises relationships and costs money. Give your employees the tools they need to build bridges and seal deals.
““This training was by far the most valuable in terms of immediate impact I’ve had in my entire career.”

Discover the confidence you’ve been searching for.

Our presentations, seminars and workshops will help you pronounce, project, and present with greater impact.
Your audience will walk away feeling motivated. They will discover secrets, tips, and techniques that will help them to communicate more clearly, concisely and confidently in all corporate settings.
93% Excellent Presentation Style
Ninety-three percent of audience members stated that our presentation style is “excellent.”
Help your employees and colleagues to cultivate confidence and clarity in their public speaking.