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Presentations and Workshops

Would you like your team to pronounce, project and present with executive presence?
Let Jayne Latz share her techniques in a dynamic presentation.

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Jayne Latz, President of Corporate Speech Solutions is available for your next event. Her interactive presentations are custom-designed for your audience. When it comes to clarity, confidence, and impact, we lead by example.

Suggested Presentation Titles for Your Event

Communicate with Power, Purpose and Impact
How to Collaborate in an Inclusive Workplace and Still be Authentic
Revealing the Secrets, Tools, and Techniques of a Confident Speaker
What the Great Speakers do that Other Speakers Don’t Know
Business Communication Success for the Non-Native English Speaker

Suggested Presentation Outcomes

   Develop a greater understanding of the impact of words

 ✓  Deliver your message more strategically and with greater impact

 ✓  Connect with and engage your audience

 ✓  Present in a confident and concise manner - on the phone or in a conference room - with a dynamic speaking voice

 ✓  Improve clarity and reduce/eliminate miscommunications

Suggested Presentation Descriptions

Develop the speaking skills to inspire and impact others. This workshop will give your employees a stronger, more dynamic vocal presence, allowing them to represent your company with professionalism and confidence.  

Every year, companies lose as much as $62 million per year in productivity, organizational support, and translation costs when language barriers aren’t adequately addressed. This workshop is designed to provide accent reduction and modification techniques to employees looking to communicate with greater clarity and confidence while maintaining their cultural identity.  

In today’s diverse business environment, leaders need to build effective communication skills. Improved communication will strengthen your team, increase productivity, and leave a positive impression from the very first word that you speak. 

About Jayne Latz

Jayne Latz, with over 35 years of experience as a speech-language pathologist, educator, and professional speaker, founded Corporate Speech Solutions, LLC in 2006.

She empowers clients globally to communicate confidently and effectively, offering transformative techniques honed from her extensive expertise.

As a sought-after authority, Jayne's insights have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and The Today Show. Through her speaking engagements and acclaimed book "Communicate Up The Corporate Ladder," Jayne continues to inspire audiences and drive professional success.