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Are You Writing These American English Phrases Correctly?

  Last week we talked about common American English idioms that people often get wrong. Today we’ll talk about idiom mistakes that might not be noticeable when spoken because they sound so close to the original, but will definitely attract attention if written down. Check out the list below and make sure you’re using these […]

Are You Getting These Common English Idioms Wrong?

Most people use more idioms in everyday speech then they realize. A well-placed idioms can make your speech much more colorful and memorable, and can help convey your point in an articulate way. However, often people mishear idioms and say them wrong without realizing. These errors then get incorporated their vocabulary. Misusing an idioms can […]

Are You Mispronouncing these American English Words?

Because English borrows words from a variety of language backgrounds, there’s no surefire way to tell how a word is pronounced just by looking at its spelling. This makes learning to speak American English without an accent particularly difficult. But there are some American English words that even native speakers mispronounce. Make sure your pronunciation […]

Improving American English Pronunciation

Learning English as a second language and mastering an American accent can be tricky. Even once the words and grammar of English are mastered, learning to pronounce the subtle differences in sounds that make up the American accent can be a problem for many people. If you haven’t grown up listening to the American accent […]